Branching out…

carrollweddingcollageSo after 2 years of portrait photography, I got asked to do my first wedding!  After debating whether I wanted to take on this area of photography, I decided to jump in and photograph a friend’s wedding last month.  I am so glad I did, too, because I pushed myself to new limits and am so proud with the results.  However, with such a beautiful couple and location, it was hard to take a bad photo!  Thank you Alli for believing in me and my photography and entrusting me with such a special moment in your life!

What’s next!  Senior photography…LaurensCollage1.jpgYep, that’s right!  Just when I thought I was done exploring new genres of photography, I got asked to do a senior photo shoot.  I have done a senior photo session in the past but wasn’t sure it would catch on.  I have always felt more like a family photographer too.  However, after this photo shoot, I was sold.  I LOVE photographing this gal!  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t!!  She was insanely beautiful and just so much fun to shoot!  Hopefully, there will be more sessions like this in my future:)

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