My new passion…

I am seriously the worst at keeping up my blog and my webpage! With my full time job as a mom of three (counting it is as 4 right now with a puppy), my other full time job as a Nurse Practitioner in the NICU, dance and soccer mom and Girl Scout troop leader, my time is somewhat limited keeping up my photography page! But, you guys, I have found my new love in my photography world…it’s dance photography! It’s the perfect blend of my daughter’s passion with dance with my own passion with photography! I could seriously do this all day! Here is some of my work with dancers over the past year…

Dancing in the Tulips

I have envisioned doing a photo shoot like this before…one of innocence, beauty and friendship. I often do this as I look at the world around me and am provoked by certain feelings. I want to capture those feelings, those brief glances between loved ones, giggles between friends, hair blowing in the wind. Recently, I was able to photograph Annie with one of her besties, Alayna, at the tulip fields…and, boy, was it magical and provoking all the feels!

Welcome 2018!

2017 was a rough year but looking back on all these photos and my amazing family and friends I have through Jamie Wegner Photography reminds me of so much happiness too. I am so thankful for all of you and I look forward to 2018 and the adventures it brings!

2017 JW Collage


Branching out…

carrollweddingcollageSo after 2 years of portrait photography, I got asked to do my first wedding!  After debating whether I wanted to take on this area of photography, I decided to jump in and photograph a friend’s wedding last month.  I am so glad I did, too, because I pushed myself to new limits and am so proud with the results.  However, with such a beautiful couple and location, it was hard to take a bad photo!  Thank you Alli for believing in me and my photography and entrusting me with such a special moment in your life!

What’s next!  Senior photography…LaurensCollage1.jpgYep, that’s right!  Just when I thought I was done exploring new genres of photography, I got asked to do a senior photo shoot.  I have done a senior photo session in the past but wasn’t sure it would catch on.  I have always felt more like a family photographer too.  However, after this photo shoot, I was sold.  I LOVE photographing this gal!  I mean, come on, who wouldn’t!!  She was insanely beautiful and just so much fun to shoot!  Hopefully, there will be more sessions like this in my future:)

I’m Back!

After having 4 months off to be a mom and love on our newest addition (my little Emerson), I am back!  My first session was with two sweet gals in downtown Portland.  I love how this photo captures my own feelings of photographing again…pure happiness and just all around giddiness!


My own little addition

Well I have officially shot my last photo shoot of the year today and will be finishing up some editing before settling in and preparing for the arrival of Baby Wegner #3. I will post a few more sessions and then likely flood my Facebook page with pictures of our new little guy in December. Thank you all for ongoing support as I enter into my second year as Jamie Wegner Photography. I will be booking again in April 2016! Photo credit: Katie Anderson

Marshall 6 Months

Sweet as cotton candy!


With Spring in the air, nothing is quite as sweet as being outdoors with the people and things you love!  In this case, it’s my Annie and cotton candy!  So looking forward to the upcoming outdoor photo shoots this Spring…there will be family, engagement, maternity, and newborn sessions so be sure to like my Facebook page and follow my blog so you don’t miss a thing!

Happy New Year!

Complete joy! This past year has brought me complete joy as I have turned my passion of photography into a real, thriving business. Thank you all for your support as I continue this journey into 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2014_ChristmasBeachTripWeb001 2014_ChristmasBeachTripWeb002 2014_ChristmasBeachTripWeb003

Going strong!

After 5 months of starting my photography business and 2 months after the creation of my official photography webpage, I am still going strong…thanks to the support of all my family, friends, coworkers, and especially my new clients!  Although I have not had many postings, I have been adding to my webpage galleries and Facebook page (Jamie Wegner Photography) on a weekly basis so please continue to visit my pages and check out all my new work!  I am looking forward to 2015 and all the upcoming photo shoots this next year will bring!  Again, my daughter has seemed to best capture my feelings from the past few months…growing inner confidence and strength and pure happiness!


Welcome to Jamie Wegner Photography!

Welcome to my official photography webpage!  Thank you so much for visiting Jamie Wegner Photography and for all my family and friends who have supported me in this journey up to this point!  I am forever blessed.  Here is my first post of my sweet Annie expressing all the emotions I am feeling right now!